luxurious love

love breathes easily. it exists in a dimension with eternity. it is as sweet as nectar dripping from a honey suckle’s flowered tree. love is a fire of compassion not easily tamed. it is desire without an ability to wither away. love embraces even in the face of adversity. love does not celebrate in another soul’s shortcomings. it does not glorify self. it basks in the beauty of merely being. love consists of humble roots, it grows a tree of life-altering fruit that gives to forever. it is gentle, without judgement. it smiles in the wake of valleys, it steadies at the peaks, it coasts down in a cascade of hope. love does not delight in the dark but radiates through with its uncontested light.

◊inspired by 1 corinthians 13: 4-8 ◊

I believe love is more inherent than hate, just as the desire for belonging is more natural than that for isolation. Though, I think that a person’s experiences directly affect how she is able to receive and display love, from and for other people. Hate is a reflection of mistaken unworthiness; a disease tainting perception of self. A person using her words to uplift and enrich those around her reaps the beautiful blossoms manifested in love. 


I believe actions of love are solitary graspable bits of our Creator. I think the divine beauty is divided amongst us in such a way that does not allow us to display our purest admiration for the whole until we first discover it in each other, spanning from one end of the earth to another ~ not just one particular “type” of person. The existence of love is an intangibly detectable emotion, that has the ability to rapidly multiple under any condition. If its presence replaced tolerance and trampled hate, our earth would see brighter days.


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